LATT Services Inc.

Agricultural Services

Latt Services has deep roots in the fruit farm business in Niagara.

Agricultural electrical services include:


Low bay lighting

Fruit sorting equipment trouble-shooting/repairs/upgrades

Install variable frequency drives

Electrical inspections and wire insulation testing

Electrical Infrared inspections

Bunk house electrical maintenance

Service upgrades/Installations


Low-Bay Fixtures are used for commercial ceilings that are less than 20 feet high. Common uses include aisles, warehouses and more and are designed to provide a high degree of luminosity with control over glare.

Adding a variable frequency drive (VFD) to a motor-driven system can offer potential energy savings in a system in which the loads vary with time. VFDs belong to a group of equipment called adjustable speed drives or variable speed drives. (Variable speed drives can be electrical or mechanical, whereas VFDs are electrical.) The operating speed of a motor connected to a VFD is varied by changing the frequency of the motor supply voltage. This allows continuous process speed control.