LATT Services Inc.

Commercial Services/ Industrial Services

From store or office fluorescent lighting to electrical inspections, Latt Services can look after all your commercial electrical needs.

Other commercial services include

Winery equipment trouble-shooting/repairs

Electrical safety education

Phone/data cable installation

Electrical inspections

Industrial Electrical Applications include:

Fab Shops, mechanics garage’s

Designing/building/testing customized electrical equipment for several light industrial/commercial uses.

Control panels for various applications  

Latt Services has many years PLC experience with Rockwell/AB, Siemens, Mitsubishi.

Latt Services strongly believes that a business with equipment that works properly will have a better chance of success.

Cutting Down on Electricity Consumption in the Office

Generating revenues is the main goal of having a business but, in the process of acquiring income, necessary costs like electricity bills are subtracted from the amount earned. To increase the company’s profit, cutting down on operational expenses like electricity consumption can be done. Here are some ways your office can cut down on such bills and, in the process, minimize the expenditures allocated for operational costs.

One way to effectively slash the electricity bill is to program the thermostat to shut off by sundown and turn on thirty minutes before the start of the workday. During winters, adjust the device and do not set it higher than 69 degrees. Another way to cut down on electricity consumption is to turn off all electrical appliances–the copy machines, fax machines, computers, etc.–and pull the plugs from the wall sockets at the end of the shift. When these are not unplugged, electricity is still running through the equipment and this means that you could be paying for energy that is not utilised productively. Additionally, replace all overhead lighting in the office and use CFLs, which are energy-saving light bulbs. As a matter of fact, these lighting fixtures consume 70 percent less electricity compared to similar items. Furthermore, turn off the lights in areas like the conference rooms, break rooms, etc., which are not in use because these are what you may consider as unproductive electrical consumption. Next, have all electrical equipment in the workplace go through regular maintenance to keep them in their best condition. The logic behind this is that when a machine is well-maintained and running efficiently, it actually eats up lesser amounts of electricity.