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Infrared Home Inspection.

How it works

Infrared detection is used in building diagnostics to locate possible sources of damage to a building's construction or design. Infrared detection works by identifying temperature differences in buildings. Different temperatures appear as different colours. Infrared detection can thus allow contractors to see differences in temperature and suggest reasons why these differences exist. Learn more.

Seeing is believing. Watch a short clip of the infrared camera in action. Understand how the process goes. The testing is non-invasive and non-destructive. It also points exactly to problem areas eradicating any guesswork in your repairs.

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Latt Services is a small personalized electrical contractor located in the west end of Niagara. Latt Services has been delivering quality service to local farmers, home owners and businesses for many years.

Our solid reputation of being available, affordable and reliable is proof that we pride ourselves on going that extra mile. We are always focused on working safely and giving the customer what they want even when changes occur.

Latt Services is fully insured and licensed electrical contractor that consistently puts customers needs and budget first.

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We have 24 hour emergency repair service 7 days a week. You never  have to worry about system outages anymore.

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A ceiling that showed no signs of a water leak is easily detected through Infrared Technology. To book your property inspection, call 905-32800825 NOW.

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